The Booyah Bros.


Davy Wagnarok

Davy is the project manager and storyteller of Booyah Games. He also co-manages the website, social networking, and business side of the company with Aaron. When he isn't in the office working on a game (or playing one), he occupies his "free time" working as an illustrator for various tabletop game publishers, such as Green Couch Games and Zafty Games.


Rudy Wilde

Rudy is the art director, illustrator, graphic designer, 3d modeler, and animator for Booyah Games. He is an avid collector of exotic pinball machines and arcade cabinets - but for him, nothing beats the feeling of playing games on a handheld console. Rudy stays busy doing commission work for various AAA-list videogame studios, including Namco/Bandai and Konami.


Aaron Rabold

Aaron is the developer, editor, and resident rules lawyer of Booyah Games. With a background in rules-heavy tabletop RPGs as well as being an avid board gamer, he strives to make rules that make sense while also helping Davy with the social networking and business side of the company. When not gaming or at his finance day job, he’s probably watching tons of anime.

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