(Davy Ree on left, Rudy Ree on right)

(Davy Ree on left, Rudy Ree on right)

Our favorite games: MagiNation, Key to the Kingdom, Heroscape, Pixel Tactics, Puzzle Strike, Monopoly, Dark Tower, WoD, OverPower, HeroQuest, UFS, and MtG.


DAVY is the game designer, writer, concept artist, and project manager for Booyah Games. He also manages the website, social networking, and business side of the company. When he isn't in the office working on a game (or playing one), he occupies his time with reading, writing, and travel. Davy also works as a character designer for Invinity Studios, LLC.

RUDY is the art director, illustrator, graphic designer, 3d modeler, and animator for Booyah Games. He is an avid collector of exotic pinball machines and arcade cabinets - but for him, nothing beats the feeling of playing games on a handheld console. Rudy stays busy doing commission work for various AAA-list videogame studios, including Namco/Bandai and Konami.


The Official Wilde & Wagnarok Seal of Awesome. With it, you can feel confident that the game you are holding in your hands has passed through a gauntlet of quality control tests, months of play-testing, and that it delivers 100% on fun factor. 

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