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Yo! I'm known by villains and thugs as a Trouble Dragon, but you can call me Dummy Lee. If you've come here to learn how to brawl and unleash radical super moves in Pocket N30N City RUMBLE (PK NCR), then you've come to the right place! If ya haven't, well, take a seat and watch how the pros kick butt and take notes. PK NCR is a very quick fighting game where every decision matters.

Some dudes, like myself, are straight-up martial artists, who'll put ya in a corner and pummel you with Brawl combos. Gem Masters like to crush their own gems to activate gnarly super moves to muck up the battlefield, or paralyze opponents from afar. I like to think of these guys as street wizards; they can hurl fireballs across the alleyway, but it takes a toll on their health. And then you've got the tweeners, who are decent at fighting and using super moves, but they aren't great at either. Forming a balanced team is crucial to winning a match at the G.E.M. coliseum.

Before we begin learning how to fight, let's take a moment to review how to set up a match, choose your team, and slot gems onto your Fighters:

And that's all folks! If you still want more information but aren't into heavy reading (I haven't read a book since Kindergarten), you can download our Quick Guide and learn how to properly set off Combos and more. If you can't wait for the game to go to print, or want to try before you buy, check out the Print & Play marquee below. If you want the full training experience for PK NCR, then grab a cup of coffee and click on my beautiful mug shot below.                       --DUMMY LEE, Trouble Dragon

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