NCR "Final Boss Mode" micro-expansion

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NCR "Final Boss Mode" micro-expansion


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"Final Boss" is a micro-expansion to the epic "beat-em-up" card game, N30N City RUMBLE!

Snatch the mayor of N30N City and replace him with a cyborg monkey, conjoined babes with huge guns, or a monstrously oozing juggernaut? Employ deadly Global Effects with hilariously bad kung-fu names to bring down your adversaries? The Final Boss (a player controlling 1 of 3 bodaciously over-powered villains) and his/her(s) Bots have surfaced to hatch the ultimate diabolical plot! Three heroes (players working cooperative) rise against the challenge to defeat all odds and save the city!

Cool Factors:

  • It's 3 against 1 in this radical co-op card game!
  • The Final Boss uses hordes of Bots and skills to crush foes!
  • Introducing 3 exclusive Fighters for the good guys to use!

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