We apologize for the inconvenience, but Squarespace does not currently support the "Pay with PayPal" button widget. To pre-order our game, please email Davy at davywagnarok@gmail.com. We want to keep all of the orders via PayPal (instead of using multiple payment systems) to have all the shipping information in one place. This will ensure that fulfillment is concise and efficient. We appreciate your understanding and support! Finally, please understand that you are pre-ordering a project concept that was funded on Kickstarter. PK NCR does not go into print until later this year, with an estimated shipping date of January 1-20, 2016.

This project was supported by Happy Meeple, where you can play great dice games and card games.

*Please contact Davy for a shipping quote on the Game Mat.

Zero Budget Geek put together this awesome preview/tutorial for Pocket N30N City RUMBLE:

Feel free to read the playbook draft and try out the PnP before you make your decision!

OR YOU CAN READ OUR QUICK GUIDE (click on the bold font to download) If you would like a more condensed break-down of the gameplay, without having to read the entire playbook.  

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